After Hoppin, Quic Quik is Now Going To Mark Its Presence At “The First”

After Hoppin, Quic Quik is Now Going To Mark Its Presence At “The First”

Quic Quik, India’s first on-table ordering, entertainment and payment tabletops, are finally putting the restaurant industry on the leading edge. Soon after the release of Quic Quik tabletops at Hoppin RestoBar Elante, this restaurant innovation is now going to make an appearance at “The First Hotel” Chandigarh.

About Quic Quik

Quic Quik is the next-gen solution for restaurants and hotels that is exclusively designed and developed to meet the current and evolving needs of restaurants. It is an interactive device that allows users to view food items, order food, play games, request music, watch videos, and make the payment for their order from their table without needing waiters or other restaurant staff. This way, Quic Quik introduces the essence of self-service in restaurant ordering while eliminating the unnecessary delays and wait time. It improves overall efficiency of restaurant service through reducing the efforts of restaurant staff and helping them focus on more important things. Customer can also record and provide their feedbacks through the tabletop which is directly shared with the restaurant management and hence give them the chance to fix their flaws on time and leave an

Benefits for the restaurants

It’s not only the customers who will be benefited from this amazing restaurant technology. Quic Quik is going to be equally beneficial for the restaurant owner in terms of management, revenue generation, and added profit. Let’s see how:

  1. Faster table-turn with self-ordering
  2. Take the burden off of waiter’s shoulders by decreasing responsibilities and increasing efficiency
  3. Extra revenue generation through entertainment features like games, videos, and music
  4. Added profit with advertisements
  5. Weekly, monthly, and yearly reports and analytics

Our disruptive technology is giving casual dining an edge in a competitive restaurant segment.  But don’t take our word for it. Check out now at:

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