How Quic Quik Advertising Is A Game Changer For Real Estate Market

How Quic Quik Advertising Is A Game Changer For Real Estate Market

Quic Quik is India’s first on-table ordering, payment and entertainment system which made the food ordering process quite simple and convenient. All major restaurant chains and hotels in Chandigarh and India are joining their hands with Quic Quik Enterprises for managing their restaurant operations. Quic Quik is already receiving positive response and rewarding appreciation from both the customers and owners for its commendable services. Quic Quik has already been installed in various renowned restaurants which includes Hoppin RestoBar, The First Hotel, and Food Court Elante.

Advertising With Quic Quik

Advertising With Quic Quik

Quic Quik gives you an opportunity to take your business and to another level with its highly effective advertising services.  Quic Quik advertising can help Real estate market to enhance their business through high advertisement interaction, zero ad avoidance, customized as campaign, guaranteed concrete response and effective tracking.

With all these features, Quic Quik advertising will be a game changer for real estate market. If you’re wondering how, then let me tell you that a restaurant is a place where people come to spend some good and quality time with their friends and families. As you know food time is the most relaxing and happy time for any individual. A restaurant is a place where different people of different interests come to have food. As I already mentioned that our Smart Tabletops are installed in the good restaurant where mostly High-Class customers visits and business delicates come for business meetings. So, it will be beneficial for real estate companies to advertise with Quic Quik for lead generation and for showcasing their products to the audiences that will actually buy the properties. You can showcase your property listings to the users and the best thing is that during dining, customers are in good moods so they will not get annoyed with the advertisements and perceive your advertisement in a good way. Realtors can advertise their commercial plots, buildings as well as residential properties through Quic Quik in a way that will generate significant number of leads for them.

Advertisement Types

  1. Text Advertisements
  2. Banner Advertisements
  3. Video Advertisements

Text Ads: With the text ads, you can attract your customers with catchy titles and taglines that can get into the minds of your customers and make them consider the offers that you’re providing.

Banner Ads: Banner advertisements are the best way to promote a brand. Banner ads are helpful to notify about the product, increase brand awareness and so on. You can display your products, website link and add a contact number to the banner. Banner ads are helpful in lead generation, brand awareness and re-target the audiences.

Video Ads: Video advertisement is the best way to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know your business and to feel comfortable with you. You can display your properties through video ads. People prefer watching a video more than reading content, so video ads are more effective than banner ads. We give you an opportunity to give your audience a 60 seconds walk-through of your property where you get to showcase your properties’ essential features and give them the reasons why they should buy from you. With 60 seconds walk-through, your audience will be actually able to figure out what exactly they will get from you.

Location Based Advertisement

Whether your business is local or spread all over India, Quic Quik is providing a platform for small and large business to reach more relevant customers in their targeted area. If your business is local and limited to a particular geographical location then you can opt for Local advertising else you can go with Pan India ads which target large businesses spread all over the nation.

Local Ads: Local advertisements are well suited for small businesses to reach the desired customers in their business locations. Through Quic Quik advertising you can connect with your customers and drive higher online conversion.

Pan India Ads: After receiving tremendous support from Indian government marketing and advertising industry is growing faster than ever. If your business is not stick to a particular city or state then you can opt for Pan India Ads, which can be displayed all over India to target customers across the country.  

Advertisement Duration

Our Banner ads timing duration ranges from 5-60 seconds and depends upon your budget. Video Ads are also timed between 5-60 seconds, but longer video ads are highly preferred because they can give your customers a complete overview about your property and hence they’re more convincing. This walk-through is mostly displayed while making the card payments. As most of the payments are made by elders and card owners who are most likely to get converted into potential leads.

This way, we help Real Estate Contractors, Builders, and other Executives to promote their real estate business in the right market among the right audience with a significant effect.

Are you ready to take your bushiness one step higher? Contact Quic Quik Today.

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