How waiting kills the dining experience?

How waiting kills the dining experience?

Honestly, no one likes to wait. Not even the restaurant “Waiter”

No matter how much you hate waiting but restaurants still make you wait a lot, even the 5 star ones.

They give us a scenario like this

Well dressed, fresh mood, awesome date and the 5-star restaurant – you do all of this for a superb dining experience and what you get at the first place is the biggest spoiler – WAITING

Seriously man! First you wait for the waiter and when he finally comes, you place the order and feel little bit uplifted. And then again the waiter pisses you off by attending few more tables before actually going to the kitchen and all you can do is staring at them furiously.

And what if I say we have solution to this. Yes, we’ve QUIC QUIK and it is pretty awesome thing that will be all yours at all the time and you won’t need the waiter anymore. It will play the one for you. And before we introduce you to these amazing things, just do one thing – Stay Tuned!

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