Most Common Problems That Restaurant Customers Face

Most Common Problems That Restaurant Customers Face

Once in a while, all of us go to the restaurants to break the boring eating routine of everyday’s home cooked food. We step out with the dreams of having a great time at the restaurant and the moment we reach there, little inconveniences start bothering us. It takes few second of inconvenience to turn your mood from “WOW” to “Oh! I’m so freaked out.”
Honestly, we as customers don’t like the idea of facing troubles when actually have planned on going out to eat and have fun. Yet, there are certain problems that we face at restaurants.
Let’s have a look.


The moment we enter the restaurant, 5-10 minutes are wasted waiting for the waiter to come with the menu. This is the point where our mood starts to get ruined on the first place. Looking here and there for the waiter to show up with the menu is not cool and somehow embarrassing.

     Paper Menus

You might be lucky enough to find a menu already on your table. It’s cool because you just saved at least five minutes. But the real battle starts now as you’ll find yourself in the dilemma of choosing what to eat. Reason? There is not just one, there are many.

For example:
• Not enough information about ingredients makes it harder to decide.
• No pictures of food items make it harder to try new dish.
• You cannot choose the ingredients to taste.
These three are the big troubles that we face with the paper menus and this should be changed.
You always end up ordering the same damn thing you’ve been eating all this time because every time you ordered something turned out to be disaster.

     Ordering Problem

Then comes the problem with ordering and waiting comes along. After looking at the paper menu for 5-10 minutes, you decided to place your order and start staring at the waiter to catch his eye again so that you can wave at him to take your order.
This conventional ordering process in restaurants is very boring and slow.

     No Entertainment

We agree that we have to wait for a while in the restaurants to get the order ready and we have patience for that. But it’s not necessary that waiting has to be boring, right? But, it is. The reason is that we don’t have anything to do in a meanwhile when the order is getting ready.

     Cash Payments

In modern times, when the India is becoming digital, most of the restaurants and hotels still operate on cash-only basis. Some so have POS machines but there are only one or two – not more than that. India has 2.5 million cards and we can pay from them.

     Handing over cards

The restaurants which do have the POS machines offer us a little relief, but then we have to share the card details with the staff and handover the card to them. Why should be give our card to anyone, after all such details are very crucial. We must be able to pay ourselves.

     Sharing contact information while giving feedback

We hate sharing our contact details with every next person so why should we share them with waiters. After all, anyone can misuse the information. Restaurants must develop a new feedback phenomenon so that our information can be kept safe and our feedback directly reaches the management.

These were some of the main problems being faced in restaurant industry.

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