Quic Quik – For Finest Dining Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Add On Sales

Quic Quik – For Finest Dining Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Add On Sales

Quic Quik is all set to set new records and makes a remarkable reputation in the restaurant industry. With its first-class menu, digital ordering, secure payment capabilities, entertainment features, sleek new design and user-friendly functionality, Quic Quik tabletops are a perfect complement to the Main Event digital experience at restaurants.

Quic Quik has been designed and developed to bring the industry leading innovation that is going to benefit the restaurant guests by improving their dining experience and the restaurant owners by promoting add-on sales.

The goal

The core focus of Quic Quik is empowering restaurant customers with privilege to order food conveniently, get entertained in the mean time, and pay securely with the help of their cards when they are ready. We strive for a seamless digital experience where we tend to increase the operational efficiencies of the guests as well as restaurant staff at the same time.

Key Features for Restaurant Customer

  1. Exploring digital menu with food item details and pictures.
  2. Ordering food that involves seamless process and easy customization.
  3. Taking advantage of entertainment features.
  4. Pay securely through cash, card, and e-wallets.
  5. Giving feedbacks without sharing your personal details with the restaurant staff.

Empowering the restaurants to do better

The restaurants will be able to increase their sales with the faster operation and uninterrupted services. They can use their staff efficiently and make the most out of them. Quic Quik is certainly not the replacement of your work-staff but it definitely is the best way to increase the productivity of your employees and overall service of your restaurant.

Restaurant Benefits

  • Generate more sales
  • More organized staff
  • Get direct feedbacks and use them to improve services
  • Upsell by launching amazing offers and happy hours
  • Generate more revenue through entertainment features

With its interactive capabilities, Quic Quik will surely create engaging experiences at the point of purchase.

For more information, visit www.quicquik.com

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