Quic Quik is All Set to Make Its First Appearance at Hoppin Elante

Quic Quik is All Set to Make Its First Appearance at Hoppin Elante

Technology once again is going to revolutionize the way we operate and do things. This time, the revolution is going to take place in restaurant industry where this tech-solution is going to change everything from how we order to how we pay.

Yes, Quic Quik tabletops are soon going to be rolled out at Hopping RestoBar at Tricity’s most favorite hangout hub “Elante Mall.”

Exclusively designed to meet the current and evolving needs of restaurant industry, Quic Quik Tabletops are going to be installed on each table on the restaurant where individuals can interact with it to perform different operations without any hassles. The restaurant guests will be able to browse the menu, order food, play games, request music, and watch videos on the tablet. Not only that, this next-generation tabletop features the payment system with both card dip and swipe motion providing the high levels of security on the card transactions. The “Cash Payment” option is also available for the guests who want to pay by cash.

The Quic Quik tabletops embrace a great design with 7 inches display screen and fast processing. It is ready to take over the restaurant industry by storm.

It’s a Comprehensive Package

Quic Quik has not only taken care of the basic restaurant needs. Instead, it gave a detailed attention to all minor and major problems being faced at the restaurants. Now the restaurant guests can get the details of the food item they are going to order. They can have the precise idea of what ingredients are being used in particular food item, how it is going to look like, how many calories they will be consuming etc. In fact, Quic Quik enables customers to customize their order by selecting the amounts of customizable ingredients.

Tabletops for restauants

In the meantime when the order is getting ready, user will be able to use the entertainment features like playing games, watching videos, and requesting their favorite music tracks.

Coming to the payments, Quic Quik features a game-changing payment innovation, where security and convenience will be put first.

Key features in the next-generation Quic Quik include:

  • Latest Payment Technology
  • Ease & Sleek Simplicity
  • Larger LED Screen
  • Easy battery insertion and paper roll insertion for wait staff
  • Thermal printer
  • Digital Menu
  • LED light for notifications

The Quic Quik 7-inch tabletops will be available in the Tricity to interactively explore menu items and specials, as well as order appetizers, beverages and desserts, without having to wait for their server. Restaurant servers can now spend more time with guests and serve more tables, while enhancing the overall dining experience.

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