Smart Tabletops Replacing Paper Menus in Restaurants

Smart Tabletops Replacing Paper Menus in Restaurants

Majority of people have been facing some serious issues in the restaurants and all these problems are finally moving towards a tech-solution. Now the restaurant customers will be able to browse the food menu and place their order through a user-friendly tabletop that eventually updates everything in the Kitchen Display System to make it easier for restaurant chefs to manage their kitchen. You see, this tech-invention creates a win-win situation for both restaurants customers and the staff. But that’s just the core functionality of Quic Quik. There are other extended features in this ground-breaking tech-invention that are literally going to change the face of restaurant industry.

  1. Customize the order: 95% of the diners like to customize their order before placing it and Quic Quik lets them do that with the help of its convenient ingredient modifier.
  2. Visualize: How many times it has happened to you that you read the food item’s name and wondered “What does this dish look?” Sometimes the dish turns out to exceed your expectations and sometimes it’s just a disaster. In this scenario, pictures and detailed description of food item is shown in the Quic Quik’s digital menu leaving no room for the confusion.
  3. Engage and Make Revenue: Restaurants can engage their customer in highly interactive featured such as games, music, and videos.

For example:

  • Allow the customers to play games in the restaurants while they are waiting for their order to keep them engaged and entertained.
  • Offer loyalty points and give them dining benefits for their next time visit.
  • Cross-sell your customers by knowing their ordering patterns, interest, and wishlist to promote accordingly. For example:
    • The system would be able to understand in what order, users buy the food items and what are the most preferred combos. So, whenever user buys a food item, the system will automatically promote the items and desserts that make the perfect combination with the selected food item.
    • Someone orders the Pizza, and system will automatically display a pop-up that says ‘Coke tastes best with Pizza, add coke for only Rs 30’. This is the best way of cross-selling by really knowing what a customer would love to buy.
    • Analyzing the customer’s order to understand what he likes and promoting the food items as per customer’s taste through tempting HD images.

Quic Quik is not limited to these features. It is a comprehensive restaurant tech-solution that can be through of having a significantly high scope of innovation. Its mere presence can bring the massive change in the restaurant industry.

Listed below are some other features of Quic Quik that can take the restaurant world by the storm:

  1. On-Table Payment: Quic Quik offers the secure payment features that allow the customers to pay their bills directly from the table through their credit and debit cards. Quic Quik makes sure that all the payments are PCI-DSS compliant and customer’s credit card and debit card data is safe.
  2. On-Table Receipts: Quic Quik tabletops consist of a thermal printer that prints the bill receipts on the customer’s command. The customers can also choose to get the receipt in email to save the paper.
  3. Digital Feedbacks: Often, what happens in the restaurants is the feedbacks taken on the paper do not reach the authorized person to take action. Quic Quik takes the digital feedbacks from the customers in audio and text form that reaches directly to the restaurant management helping them to better their services by resolving the customer’s issues.


Quic Quik tabletops are going to be a good change in the restaurant industry. But, replacing the entire manpower with only tabletops can be a drastic step. We believe that a mix of both is going to work really well in the restaurant industry as both will complement each other with their capabilities.

Tabletops shall be provides to customers to browse and order food more conveniently and without waiting. At the same time, there will be at least one waiter nearby to handle exceptions.

Adopting this technology will surely help restaurants to grow their business and provide users with the higher levels of satisfaction and convenience.

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