The Greatest Facepalm Moment When Dining in Restaurants

The Greatest Facepalm Moment When Dining in Restaurants

Conventional Restaurant Scenario

Wowwww! You are in a cool restaurant with your favorite buddies and ordered a dish that sounds way too cool in that paper menu. Now that you are going to try a new dish for the first time, the excitement has reached the peaks. You and your gang are waiting desperately for the order to get on your table.

Finally the moment came. Waiter brought that dish on your table. The lid is yet to be opened and your mouth is craving to utter the word “Wow!” Waiter finally took off the lid and boom! All you are able to do is give yourself a Facepalm!photo

That’s the biggest facepalm moment of the dining experience at the restaurants with conventional paper menus.

This is what happens when you rely on the paper menus with not enough information in them.

I know, the paper menu misguides you and they are pretty good at breaking the bones of excitement. But why the system has to be like this when we have all the resources to make a change.

Is this indifference or ignorance?

There is no way it can be indifference because we can clearly see how all these problems bother our customers. It definitely is ignorance and no one is trying to bring a change.

Except Quic Quik. Quic Quik has made an effort to bring a positive change in this restaurant industry. Change is a small word. I would say it’s a revolution that’s going to take place in the restaurant industry when Quic Quik will be there on every tabletop.

Quic Quik presents a smart digital menu which helps you explore the food items to the details. You can check the ingredients, view high definition images of the food items, select the quantity of ingredients to the taste and much more.

Quic Quik is the perfect replacement

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