Want to stay one step ahead of the market? Advertize with Quic Quik

Want to stay one step ahead of the market? Advertize with Quic Quik

Recently Quic Quik tabletops were unveiled in the tricity as India’s first on-table ordering, entertainment, and payment system. Being the first of its kind in the market, Quic Quik received a massive praise and appreciation for what it has done in the field of restaurant industry. The response was absolutely stunning – from both restaurant owners and the customers. But the best part was how everything that restaurant industry in India was lacking has finally started to fall together gradually. The restaurant service was improved, the sales were boosted, and the customers enjoyed the dining like never before. Quic Quik was actually able to play the heartstrings of food lovers and received tremendous love from the users.

Quic Quik Tabletops in Restaurants

We can definitely say that the Quic Quik stands strong to its promises of better customer service and enhanced restaurant profit. It’s definitely advantageous technology that’s doing pretty much better for the diners and the restaurateurs.

Everyone could see the impact that Quic Quik has created in the market in such a short span of time. That’s one of the reasons why it has become the most influential technology of tricity. Consequently, many advertisers in the nation have an eye on Quik Quik for advertizing their business in most effective manner.

Why Quic Quik is an ideal advertizing platform?

It’s impactful! Why? Because of the audience we deal with. Quic Quik interacts with thousands of restaurant customers every single day. These customers are often less busy and more attentive to the surroundings and notice the things around them. Additionally, food plus entertainment really makes captive customers that are easy to turn into the potential leads.

Benefits of Advertizing with Quic Quik

  1. Zero Ad Avoidance
  2. Huge Brand Recall
  3. Customized and Flexible Ad Campaigns
  4. Collection of authentic data ensure post campaign follow-ups
  5. Improved Ad Campaigns Based on Historical Data Analysis
  6. Guaranteed concrete response boosting sales and revenue
  7. “Food + Entertainment” = Captive Customers and Huge ROI
  8. Enhanced, Verified & Structured Reach to all Demographic Categories
  9. Variety of advertizing options to choose from
  10. Track your campaigns live unlike other traditional Ad mediums

Therefore, Quic Quik is a great medium to advertise your business in the right market to enhance your brand value, sales, and reputation.

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