Why Paper Menus in Restaurants should be replaced by Digital Menus?

Why Paper Menus in Restaurants should be replaced by Digital Menus?

If someone asks you about what is the most outdated thing in the restaurant Industry, what would you say? Perhaps, the most common answer to this question will be the paper menus and unnecessary waiting time that everyone has to go through. And just like me, most of you won’t be able to understand why we are still stuck with the paper menus when the technology is completely taking over the world.

Limitations of the paper menu

In addition to being boring, paper menus are very-very inconvenient. Here are numerous reasons why they need a replacement:

Not Enough Information

Honestly, we have not tried every food item in this world and nor do we know their names. So, how can someone order a new food item without knowing the details? It’s like firing in the dark. Every restaurant and hotel must consider the menus that provide enough information about a food item to help customers decide what to eat. There should be information about ingredients used in the dish so that customers can order according to their taste.

Considering this problem in mind, Quic Quik has come with the digital menu that have every details about the food items that you must know. Your guests can check the ingredients being used in the food item and decide what to eat without any confusion.

Customers don’t know what to expect

Imagine rushing into a good restaurant and looking through the paper menu to eat something you have never eaten before. You must have expected a lot from the restaurant that they will come with something as tempting as the name was. Turns out it was another name for salad. See, that’s the problem with the paper menus. They absolutely give no idea to customers about what to expect.

This is why Quic Quik’s digital menu contains an HD image with every food item so that users can view the image before ordering and know what is coming their way.

Paper menus are not environment friendly

Where everyone is talking about going green and saving the planet, why the restaurants are still holding on to the paper menus and doing the exact opposite of saving the planet. We strongly believe that the paper menus must be replaced with some digital solution so that our trees can be prevented from being cut.

Keeping the GO GREEN initiative in mind, Quic Quik has launched this digital menu to eliminate or minimize the need of the paper menu.


Paper menus are quite inconvenient because one just cannot modify the ingredients according to the taste without explaining to the waiter. Sometimes, this message doesn’t even reach the chef. Menus must be for the privilege, not for the trouble. Therefore, customers need some privileges along with the menu.

Quic Quik’s digital menu is so convenient that it lets you customize the ingredients according to your preferences so that you don’t have to eat what everyone else is eating. You can customize our own dish as per your personal taste without explaining it to waiter with smart digital menu by Quic Quik.

It’s not that there is no solution to all of this; it’s just that we have not bothered to create it so far.

Quic Quik has taken the initiative to digitize the restaurant industry and replace these old paper menus with the Digital Menu. This digital menu is built in the way that users find it really easy to interact with the menu and able to order the food items easily.

Here is the sneak-peek of some major features of Quic Quik menu:

  1. Detailed information about the ingredients used in the food item.
  2. HD images of the food item so that user may know what to order.
  3. Ingredient modifier to modify the ingredients as per taste.
  4. Environment friendly because it involves no paper.

So, all the menu-related problems solved with one intelligent table-top.

It’s time for restaurants to #GoGreen #GoQuicQuik

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