Your Customers Are Going To Love Quic Quik – Here’s Why

Your Customers Are Going To Love Quic Quik – Here’s Why

Sometimes, doing nothing and sitting idle while waiting can be absolutely tedious, boring and frustrating. Same is the process in the restaurants where customers check in, wait for the waiters to attend them, sitting idle which waiting for the order and then again wait for waiter to collect the bill. Sounds too boring and run-of-the-mill thing, right?

Here’s the stunning alternative for you. What about minimizing the waiting time by granting your customers the privilege of self service in an awe-inspiring way? Yeah, that’s what Quic Quik brought for you where your customers can order the food of their choice from the tablet menu, modify the ingredients according to their taste and pay the bills by swiping card and cash payment without waiting for the waiter.

And the awesomeness is not going to stop here because at the same time, your customers can take advantage of playing addictive games, listening to the mood boosting music, and watch the entertaining videos of their own choice while their order is being prepared. That means, this awesomeness is coming packed with the entertainment and we are leaving your customers with no other choice than loving it.

Here is exactly why you need Quic Quik in your restaurant

Because, everyone hates waiting

No more waiting because your customers can order whatever they want whenever they want right through this tabletop menu without needing a restaurant staff.

Crafting the dining experience

Let your guests order, pay and play with convenience and let them craft their dining experience just in the way they want.

Make your restaurant stand out

Be at the cutting edge of the biggest innovation of the restaurant industry. Be the leaders.

Boost your sales like never before

Grab the spontaneous orders consistent upselling and scrumptious food.

Upsell all of the time

Never miss an opportunity to upsell. QUIC QUIK  prompts financier for option on any item your kitchen cooks.

Quench all the spontaneous orders

Your diners, when craving for more delight and deliciousness, can view, order and pay without having the second thoughts.

Let the eyes feel the hunger

Know the art of alluring your audience. Let those pixel perfect and high definition pictures exaggerate the actual hunger within and make your guests crave more and order more.

Remarkably Faster Table Turn  

No one likes to wait. So, why let them wait? Take the edge off of waiting time and let your customers order and pay themselves.

Experience the benefits from day 1

Sleek operations, higher sales, and satisfied customers will make you benefits out-sized.



Detailed Analysis

Whatever you know about your customers, QUIC QUIK know is better and ten times more. It keeps record of all the e-mail logins and most wanted dishes.

Powerful Tools

With its powerful tools, track the operation metrics, menu trends and the profitability. It’s powerful dashboard allows you to monitor the table status and feedback of the customers.


Audio Feedback

Let your customers record audio feedback and solve their problems before they leave to improve your impression.

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